The beauty of autumn through the eyes of great artists. Photo

"ОчарованиеFavorite time of artists and poets.

Autumn is a time of contemplation. Paint the day of the successive leaves, picks up a light breeze – all this sets a romantic mood. Artists and poets for centuries have been inspired by the beauty and melancholy of autumn. We have collected the most adorable picture, sayings and verses about the season.


Autumn. S. Zhukovsky.

“Autumn — the most ravishing smile of the year”. William C. Bryant


Autumn leaves. William McTaggart.

When end-to-end web
Carries the thread of clear days
And under the window at the villager
Far Blagovest better,

We don’t feel sad, frightened again
Breathing close of winter,
And the voice of summer past
Clearly we understand.

A. FET “In The Fall”


Autumn gold. D. E. Grimshaw, 1880.

“Every year, something in you dies when the trees fall leaves and bare branches helplessly swaying in the wind in the cold winter light.” Ernest Hemingway


Autumn day. Sokolniki. I. Levitan, 1879.

Not acting and not breathing,
all the sweeter objret hive.
Deeper fall, and the soul
all experienced and are rounded.

She is involved in the ebb
fruit from a trifle empty
cast. As painstaking
work in the fall, how hard a word.

Greater every day,
the nature of the mind is a burden,
similar to the wisdom of sloth
mouth silence dawns.

Even the child bike
twirling pedal
suddenly see the light
with some clear sadness.

Bella Akhmadulina Autumn


The autumn effect Aranea. Claude Monet, 1873.

— … perhaps, to blame the fall; I feel her more than you. Autumn rush and everything becomes null and void. And man wants… Yes, what does he want?
— Love.

Erich Maria Remarque. “Shadows in Paradise”


Forest trail. Autumn. E. V. Veit, 1918.

I love the early autumn. At this time it seems: still be okay”. Tatyana Doronina


Autumn regrets. D. E. Grimshaw, 1882.

“Well, there’s the autumn, she gently and carefully prepares us for the cold. Favorite fall. A time of reflection, hands in pockets, mulled wine evenings and a pleasant melancholy…” Elchin Safarli


Autumn in Pavlovsk. I. I. Shishkin, 1888.

Autumn. Fairy Palace,
All open for review.
The clearing of forest roads,
Zaglyadevshis in the lake.

As to the exhibition of paintings:
Halls, halls, halls, halls
Elm, ash, aspen
In gilt unprecedented.

“Golden autumn”, Boris Pasternak


Autumn poplar. Camille Pissarro. 1893.

Leaves, like people, are not ready to give up. They cling to the past, and let it not in their power to stay green, I swear they are fighting for a place, which for so long served them as a house.

Cecilia Ahern. “Love your memory”


Autumn in Cornhole. Walter Scofield.

“And with each autumn I blossom anew.” Alexander Pushkin

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